Toyo Tanso’s products for daily life: How Graphite material is related to our lives.

From daily life to industrial applications,Toyo Tanso products are used in countless ways.


In today's highly industrialized society, various products are mass-produced, including automobiles, electronic devices such as PCs, tablets, smartphones, and home electronics, and numerous household goods. 

Toyo Tanso products are an inseparable part of our lives.

Three applications of our products are presented here.

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1. What is electric discharge machining (EDM)?

2. Advantages of graphite electrodes (Compared with copper)

3. Toyo Tanso’s material lineup

4. TTK Series Graphite



1. Structural Features: Lightweight and High Strength

2. Manufacturing Method Features: Heat Resistance

3. Developing Applications Using These Strengths

4. Feature Comparison



1.What is SiC Coating?

2. What Are the Features of SiC Coating?

3.Characteristics of SiC-coated Material PERMA-KOTETM

4.Usage Examples for SiC-coated Material PERMA-KOTETM

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